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Here you can find several kinds of media from music which is a form of rap and instrumental expiremental music.  The designer is proud to bring to you quality photos and videos .   We redesigned the site to keep things fresh and never letting things sit still too long.  We have a fishing section which we are proud of and soon as the summer passes we will be updating it as often as possible aswell with the photos and videos.  Lets be real creative and enjoy . 

  • GOING GOING 2:40
  • 4:21
  • SICKLE6:06
  • Knockem out My Lane (rio diss )2:54
  • yappin session shit shooter shooting the shit 10:05
  • jb shit shooter shooting shit yappin session 28:21
  • saturday night instrumental 3:33
  • Blue Moon 1:36
  • instrumental ad jb beat by jb 2:31
  • NICKY 3:08
  • summer freestyle 2 old school ish1:53
  • summer freestyle 1 jb old school ish1:42
  • Intro 2:42